Business and Financial Planning

“Be as clear and specific as possible about the results you expect to attain.” – Chris James

You may have various reasons for developing a business & financial plan for your organisation– establishing a new charity, expanding your existing operation or simply to focus your ideas and clarify objectives so you can plan more effectively for the future – sustainability in charitable organisations is key. Developing a business and financial plan can be a daunting experience – you want it to positively reflect your proposed and you want it to attract support – be that in the form of investment, sponsorship or other resources i.e. volunteers.

Our team of experienced business, marketing and management professionals will work with you to effectively present your idea, accounting for all relevant issues and developing a strong, well communicated strategy to help establish the charity.

You wouldn’t build a home without strong foundations or architects drawings – in the same way, you wouldn’t start any type of business without a watertight plan. Having worked as business mentors for over 10 years, we have the skills to effectively support you in your quest to design, present and develop the successful organisation you envisage.

Having perfected our planning methodology, we will confidently and consistently guide you through the process, helping you to positively present your ideas to those who will support you, and those who the charity exists to benefit.