Human Resources Development

“Good management is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there.” – Ken Blanchard


Creating an environment in which your staff feel valued, motivated and enthused is key to retaining and also attracting the right people to positively represent your brand and promote your offering. Providing development support, advice and guidance can significantly impact your bottom line – investing in continual professional and personal development activities for both management and staff can increase efficiency, enhance performance and promote a positive work environment.


As contracted Human Resource Development Advisors with the Welsh Government, CIOTEK Ltd are able to work with eligible businesses on a full/part funded basis, supporting them in identifying areas for improvement, developing an action plan to address HR weaknesses, and obtain funding for training activities to minimise any skills gaps.


If you want your team to operate at maximum capacity, with 100% commitment to the organisation and a passion for promoting your mission, contact CIOTEK Ltd today to discuss how we might support you in this quest. We can offer guidance in relation to developing performance management procedures, individual profile and skills needs analysis, learning plan development, team building activities plus methods for employee engagement. See also Belbin® Team Role Training