CIOTEK awarded WCBC Project


CIOTEK Limited were awarded the Mid-Term and Final Evaluation Projects for the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC).



The Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) was initiated against a background of Health and Safety Executive figures which, according to 2010/11 figures for serious accidents identified that Wales is the most dangerous place to work in the UK. In response to these figures Leighton Jenkins, assistant director of policy for CBI Wales said that more action should be taken to prevent accidents: “It is of serious concern that Wales has the most injuries per worker than anywhere in the UK.”

It was also noted that the higher figures reflect Wales’s business environment which contains a far higher proportion of manufacturers and fewer office-based ‘low-risk’ sectors than other parts of the UK.


Against this background the WCBC was established with a budget of £1.8m over 2½ years including ambitious targets of assisting 55 organisations, undertaking 16 collaborative R&D Projects and supporting 30 individuals. The WCBC project commenced January 1, 2013 and run through to June 30, 2015.