Company Training – Why do we need it?

Training employees costs time, money and materials. But that doesn’t mean it is not crucial to the success of your business.


In this fast paced corporate world we live in, training and development is a significant asset to businesses but often not a priority. The most common excuses we hear are:


“We are really busy with a lot of projects right now. We don’t have time for training”


“We don’t have a budget to pay for training”


Yet businesses fail to realise the importance of training and how it can save them money in the long-term!



  1. Addressing employee weaknesses

Most employees have some sort of weakness, or an area in which they feel less comfortable with. Use of training programs can help employees learn new skills, or improve upon the ones they already have. This will make employees feel more confident and satisfied within their position. Satisfied workers are likely to be happier and take ownership over their responsibilities and become more productive.

  1. Performance and Productivity

Employees who undertake training gain more knowledge and experience in the relevant areas and are likely to perform better within their job. Employees who can perform better can increase the quality of their performance and add more value to the business.

  1. Reduced Costs

Untrained staff are likely to make more mistakes than trained staff, resulting in a loss of resources. The work then has to be re-done causing a duplicated effort and decrease in productivity. Trained staff are more likely to be able to carry out their job role effectively with minimal mistakes and optimum use of resources.

  1. Improved Quality

Untrained staff may make various mistakes, some of which can cause financial loss to the company or damage to the business reputation. Training staff will improve the quality and consistency of their outputs and if training is company-wide, increase quality of the provision of services overall.



These are just a few of the various benefits training in organisations can offer. Investment in staff is an investment into the company to aid success!


Has your business invested in training for your employees? If so, share your experiences with us!


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